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Like many people, I heard of Dawn through her mother, Anne Murray, whose music I re-discovered a few years ago. Not too long after that, I found Dawn’s Facebook page, which led me to her website. I loved the paintings and eventually ordered prints of Wallace’s Bicycle and Dr Verrilli’s Paradise (I loved the Woody). 

I opened Facebook one evening last September and saw a post from Dawn which showed a half-completed sketch of a dragonfly. I couldn’t take my eyes off it and emailed Dawn to ask if she would paint it for me. I was so excited by the idea of that sketch that I was crushed when Dawn was too busy with other commissions and couldn’t take it on just then. I waited until after Christmas and tried again. To my delight, this time the answer was yes. Indeed, Dawn had completed a newer, improved version of the sketch and was asking if I wanted that one instead. I took one look at the photo of it and knew I had to have it!


Mary Rose's latest acquisition, 'Golf Shoes'.

Check out the unboxing of the 'Golf Shoes' here!:



About a week or so after this, Dawn posted another sketch of a beautiful butterfly. After seeing someone else was interested in it, I made haste to contact Dawn and put in an offer.

When Dawn’s assistant emailed me to confirm the purchase had gone through, she mentioned that Dawn had done yet another sketch - this time of a magpie - that she thought I might like. She was right!

The Magpie

Now that I had the three sketches, I thought perhaps I should look at an original. I was interested in the Chapel at Mount Allison and Groceries  but then I saw Nanna’s Porch. I wanted it! Sadly, by the time I was able to put in a bid, it had been sold.

Chapel at Mount Allison


Paradise Revisited

And so, I decided to purchase both the Chapel at Mount Allison and Groceries, as well as a print of Paradise Revisited.  The day they arrived, I was so excited that I could hardly find the screwdriver to open the crate.

Man, that crate looked so good, it’s almost a work of art in itself!

I photographed every step of the unpacking journey. It took me a good hour or more to get to the last painting and I couldn’t stop smiling.  I stood there with the Dragon Fly sketch in my hands and kept saying, “It’s perfect”, over and over. And it just is.

I now have the prints and the sketches framed & hung and they look so wonderful that I can’t believe my good fortune. I love them all!

However, Dawn’s Dragonfly Sketch just owns my heart.

Mary Rose Chapman