Mark Kirby - Creativity Patron

I’m only a beginner when it comes to art.  I can’t even draw a straight line without the use of a ruler.  I know very little about the differing styles, periods, and techniques.  However, I know what I like.  And I love Dawn’s artistry.  

I knew of Dawn Langstroth through reading Anne Murray's (her mom) book “All of Me”.  I knew that Dawn could sing well and was a recording artist, but had no idea  that she was also a painter.  I discovered "Dawn the Artist" on Anne’s (fan) Facebook page, after a photo of Dawn’s art was posted there. I was immediately attracted to her squiggly-line style of painting.  

I subsequently visited Dawn’s website and reviewed the art which was available for sale (and others which were already sold).  The variety of her art subjects and the bright colors struck me as amazing!  There were several paintings that I liked, especially the one entitled “The Bull House”.  I kept scrolling and fell in love with the “Cuckoo Clock”.


"The Cuckoo Clock", 9"x 12", archival ink on vellum paper, ©2016.

To order your own Giclée print of "The Cuckoo Clock", click here! 

As a child, in 1958, after my dad graduated from medical school, my family lived in a small north-central Texas town. Like Dawn’s maternal grandfather, Dad was the only MD in town.  My paternal grandmother gave him an heirloom Black Forest Cuckoo clock as a gift and it was mounted on the wall next to our front door.  One day, while I was alone, I decided to discover what made the bird “cuckoo”. I found out, but could not re-assemble the clock to make it work again.  To hide the dirty deed, I buried it in a field behind our home.  It took a day before my Mom noticed that it was missing.  The final loss determination was that it had been taken by a patient who had visited our home.  I couldn’t tell them the truth until 20 years later.  Sadly, they have now both passed, so I bought this artwork to remind me of them. It is now displayed in my dining room and will remain one of my cherished possessions.

Nanna's Porch~ 24"x 36", acrylic on canvas, Dawn Langstroth ©2017

When I saw this painting as available, I thought that it was Anne’s porch but found out that it was  of Anne’s parents’ summer cottage porch).  I had a feeling that it would sell quickly, so I made enquiries & bought it that day! This painting is absolutely stunning!  It has so many interesting things in the scene, including Dawn’s dog, a pair of slippers, and a flag that at first I thought was the flag of Texas.( I have since found out that it's the French Acadian flag)  The colors are so vibrant and realistic. It now proudly hangs in my living room and it lights up the entire room! I’ve been a fan of Anne Murray’s music since the 70’s, so this painting holds a special place in my heart.  It reminds me of the comfort of familiar surroundings and gives me a sense of pride to have something from Anne’s family in addition to the LP and CD recordings which I cherish.  Thank you, Dawn, for allowing me to experience your art.

Mark Kirby

Arlington, Texas