Harley - Creativity Patron

"Hello! My name is Harley and I’m a little lady dachshund from Texas.

The first time I saw Dawn’s work, I was just a small pup. My human’s friend had brought one of Dawn’s prints, “Wallace’s Bicycle”, to live on our wall and I was smitten! I would sit in front of it for hours wishing I could ride a bicycle. Curse these short legs!

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After seeing one of Dawn’s prints, I knew I had to have more! That would require getting my human’s attention. My human likes to leave her phone and laptop lying around, so I would open Dawn’s site to “Paradise Revisited” so she could see it. It worked! She bought it! I dream about napping in that stripy hammock on a warm summer day. I hope I can get more prints. I’m doing my best to wag my tail enough to let everybody know which ones I prefer. 

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When it came to “Music Night by the Fire with Mikey”, I simply HAD to have the original. I did everything I could to make my human understand. I snuggled right up to her, and even tried to bookmark that page when she went out one time, but these paw pads don’t always work on track pads . She went back to Dawn’s site to see the painting several times, and whenever she did, I wagged my tail EXTRA enthusiastically and sure enough, she got the message! 

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When the package from Dawn arrived, I was thrilled! I am a champion gift opener and couldn’t wait to dig into that crate. Nothing makes me more excited than opening presents. 

Seeing Mikey on the canvas was just so exciting that it was impossible to resist the urge to go kiss him. My human gently guided me toward some treats instead. When I took a look at it from my bowl, the painting was so bright, colourful, and full of life! Dawn’s work just made me feel so happy!

Hopefully with the joy that Mikey has brought us I can convince my human to buy more paintings! Dawn’s work is my favourite of all the human painters and I love her wonky style! My human and I shall treasure this original painting forever!" 

Love, Harley