Chris Murray - Creativity Patron

I have known Dawn since she was born and it has been a pleasure to watch how she has grown into such an amazing woman with so many natural talents as a singer/songwriter and artist. Her creativity, vision and unique style combine realism with the “wonky” in her paintings and the interpretation is left to her audience.

I am so pleased to own Dawn's  original painting of St. Thomas More Church because it speaks to me personally as a summer parishioner there for over 30 years.

It is also the church where two of our daughters were married, surrounded by family and friends.

The steeple of the church, amidst soft, puffy clouds in a clear blue sky is a landmark in the small village of Pugwash and Dawn has captured it perfectly in her painting!


It is no surprise that Dawn's paintings and artistic designs are sold nationally and internationally as they speak to many people and their appreciation of good art! 

Chris Murray

Springhill, Nova Scotia