Bill and Sue Swinimer - Creativity Patrons

"The first time my wife Sue and I saw Dawn's art was at a charity golf tournament in Toronto approximately 7 years ago. We immediately fell in love with her unique style and subject matter.

Our first purchase was a piece we commissioned as a wedding present for our good friends from Austria. They were married in a beautiful little church in the Swiss Alps and Dawn captured the charm of the church in a unique and authentic way. Our friends were delighted with the painting.  

Church, Thal, Austria

We were so pleased with this initial experience that we commissioned Dawn to paint a picture for our daughter-in-law. Dawn created a fun piece depicting our daughter-in-law's beloved car and she was thrilled. We love giving such personal, customized gifts and Dawn's artistry is outstanding.

Recently we bought another original painting entitled "Sid's Jersey". As a proud Nova Scotian, "Sid's Jersey" spoke to my home province pride. The small province of my birth has produced one of the greatest hockey players of our time and Dawn created a dynamic depiction of his Team Canada jersey.

To order a print of Sid's Jersey, check out Dawn's Print Shop here: Print Shop


Dawn is an extremely talented artist whose pieces emphasize the connection between people and places or objects that are meaningful to them. We appreciate how her work celebrates and elevates ordinary subjects, inspiring emotion and making us aware of simplicity and beauty in everyday scenes and objects."

Bill Swinimer

Orillia, Ontario